The Simple Guide To Help Compare Smokeless E Cigarettes 2016 – what is the best e cigarette Australia

By David Cannell

starters guide to smokeless cigarettes
Starters guide to smokeless cigarettes.

OK, so getting started with e cigarettes may be a little bit confusing, so I made this website as a simplified reviewer guide to clear up some basic points about smokeless electronic cigarettes and let you compare brands.

These are the top 6 in the market and the ones I will be reviewing as they cover a range of quality and affordability:

1. VaporFi –  (my standout)
2. V2 Cigs 
3. South Beach Smoke
4. Green Smoke 
5. Bull Smoke 
6. Halo

Update 2016:

I have recently tried two newcomers to the market which I enjoyed Vaper Empire and  Liberty-Flights. See my review links below.

First Up, let me tell you what I think is the Standout: VaporFi – the one I am currently using.

Some Of The Range From VaporFi

VaporFi (formerly known as VaporZone) is my top pick from the rest. Why, because of the quality of the vape, which gives you a thick rich inhale, and this is what we want as a smoker. Plus, the flavor is really close to ‘the real thing” ie a tabacco cigarette.

You can check them out here at

Before I get into the reviews: what are the basics you need to know for getting started? Here I cover the basic different types of ecigs available to help you decide how to get started.

The Prefilled Cartridge Type

green smoke ecigarette
Me with my first e cigs from Green Smoke

ecig batteryYou will require a battery (left) which looks like the stem of a cigarette and the cartridge refills with prefilled eliquid flavour in them (below) which look like the filter.

vaporzone prefilled ecigarette cartridges

These are screwed together to look like a real cigarette.

e cig lookalike and cartridges

The Personal Vaporiser: More Sophisticated – For The Serious “Vaper”

me with my VaporFi Pro series
Me with my VaporFi Pro series personal vaporizer or “tank”

If you want to step up a notch to start off, or if you want to progress from the prefilled cartridges, you can go in for a personal vaporizer PV, (called a Tank type ecigarette sometimes – as you fill a tank with e-liquid).

the starter kit from V2 Pro series threeThese do not look like “real cigarettes” – they come with a mouthpiece which acts as a tank for the eliquid, an atomizer that fits in the “tank” and activates the e-liquid into vapor, and a battery – a much more powerful battery than the “look-like-cigarettes” types.

The Refill e-Liquids:

Here are what the e-liquid bottles look like:

Eliquids from VaporFi

Both the above types need a charger, and a socket adapter – which both come with your starter kit (much like an iPhone does)

Pictured below are the minimum bare essentials for the pre filled variety– the battery plus spares and some cartridges, the 5 flavor cartridges, and your USB recharger (much like an iPhone USB recharger, and just as simple to use) and are usually included in basic kits.

v2 cigs refillable cartridges

See the Vapor Couture kit pictured a bit below – which has it all PLUS more – like their carry cases and fancy accessories – a brand especially for women).

ecigarettes for women

Of course there are more accessories add-ons for e cigs, but like most people when starting out you may want the closest resemblance to a real cigarette, as I did when I first started out.

Here is a side by side image of an ecig that looks like a real cigarette and the refillable tank versions which don’t, so you can see the difference in appearance:

cigalike vs tank

You can try ecigs out with a starter kit to see if you enjoy it, after that you may think about looking at the more advanced options like refilling your own cartridges with the liquid (which you can do with V2 Cigs & Halo), or also e cigarette personal vaporizers.

Here is a picture of how a full kit looks, this is one for the ladies with extra accessories like carrying case etc – but it has everything you need to get started, battery, flavour cartridges & charger, plus the accessories.

ecigarettes for female smokers

It is available at

It is the top of the range kit for women and there are many kits available that are cheaper and just cover the basics to get started to see if you like it or not (no point splashing out til you know that you enjoy them)

The Most Affordable Way To Get Started – A Starter Kit With Prefilled Cartridges.

First, look for a starter kit from any of the brands, I recommend you get at least 2 batteries so you are never without a charged battery. Also, if battery dies (which they can do after a couple of months in my experience) , you will have a spare to keep you going til your next one arrives. Some companies like Green Smoke for example always add a couple of “free” batteries when you order cartridges – so you don’t have to worry about the cost of replacing them.

Basic kit this time from V2cigs:

basic kit from V2

Each of these brands (listed below) has a starter kit and you can check out my reviews for each of them here:

My Reviews of The Best E Cigarettes on the Market For 2016
1. Top * VaporZoneMy Review (my standout)
2. V2 Cigs – Here is our Review of V2 Cigs – these cartridges are refillable
3. South Beach SmokeCheck my Review of South Beach Smoke here
4. Green SmokeMy Review of Green Smoke (the one I started out with till I upgraded to personal vaporizers with VaporFi)
5. Bull Smoke The review of Bull Smoke here – an “affodable” entry point as their pricing is very competitive
6. HaloMy Review of Halo e cigarettes – another which can be refilled

New updates: Liberty-Flights Review & Vaper Empire Review

One Last Thing You Might Want To Know Before Reading The Reviews: So How Does An E Cigarette Actually Work?

how an ecigarette works
An Explanation Of How They Work

With a basic model, inside the cartridge there is a heating filament which heats up the nicotine vapor inside the cartridge. You activate this just by inhaling (with some models that have automatic batteries), or with models that have manual batteries, when inhaling you need to hold down a button. That’s it. As you inhale you have the vapour enter your mouth and throat, simulating the real experience os a cigarette.

Which Brands or Flavours Are Nearest To The Actual Tobacco Cigarette Experience On The Market?

Just like with the regulor tobacco products, everybody has their own particular favourite taste. So you will probably want to try out more than one brand to see which you like best. The two that I found closest to the real thing were

1) VaporFi (formerly vaporZone)

you can visit the website here

2) V2 Cigs

check them out here

Here are some more that I can recommend as being satifying, reliable and worth trying

The Marlboro Red Taste– V2 Cigs Red 18 – Available at:

Soft Cool Menthol Taste – South Beach Smoke Menthol, Green Smoke Menthol

Each Of The Listed Brands And Flavours Is Available Directly From The Company Websites To Order Online:

That should clarify the basics – and if you need more info then head to the individual review pages for a run down on each brand – their cost and what you can expect.

Your Basic Introduction To E Cigs And Vaping

Welcome to our review part of the homepage to the website.

I’ll be going over the different types of e cigarettes that I’ve tried, and giving my reviews. I will talk through my experience with electronic cigarette brands so that you can make the right choice if you decide to take the jump.

E Cig Reviews by David Cannell

e cigarette reviews - australia

I’m David (the guy in the picture), and I smoked for many years, then I gave up for 17 years, and about three years started again. Now that sounds nuts right? Well it certainly feels a little crazy.

Anyway, I guess that could be considered nuts but I am very addictive with almost everything I do. And maybe you will be able relate to that.

And as a smoker, I am the kind of person who likes a strong rich cigarette taste, and that’s just the way I like it.

Which brings us to electronic cigarettes

I found out that a of the few people around me had started using e cigarettes, and enjoyed them. They are cigarettes smokers just like I am, and enjoy it. Most of the people I knew who had used them had turned to using the same e cigs every time, just like with thier cigarette brands, they had tried other brands of e cigs in the past, and had found a brand that they said gave them a good experience.

This was the main thing that stirred my curiosity: that these people I knew. who loved smoking, as I did, really appreciate these e cigs.

Why Did I Start With E Cigarettes?

How Much Can You Save With Smokeless Cigarettes
How Much Can You Save?

Yes, that’s it, what you see in the picture here..

I had been smoking since I was in my teens – and although I loved it, it was effecting my health – and costing a packet.

I started to consider quitting and tried different methods – gums, patches and even hypnotherapy – but basically, although I was getting nicotine – I was missing the “habit” itself – all the rituals that went with smoking, not just the nicotine hit. So I kept going back.

And then I looked at the cost… what was it costing me to smoke? One pack a day was costing me around $16. Work that out over the year… over five grand!

I checked out ecigs and realised that they would be much cheaper if they lasted anything like the manufacturers said they would – and to my surprise I am now spending about $12.99 a week in eliquids!

How I Started

So I gave it a go and ordered some Green Smoke online. Literally from the first e cigarette I had no craving to go back to real cigarettes (and I have had at least two friends say the same thing).

They give you the nicotine hit you need to stop the cravings – but so do patches etc – but more importantly they gave me the EXPERIENCE of “smoking”. You get to draw on the ecig, fully inhale and exhale – get the same rush with the nicotine, and all the pleasure that you had from smoking without:

1) coughing and feeling “hungover” in the morning

2) no reduced fitness

3) no social stigma

4) n smelling like an ashtray

You can have all the “smoking” moments you really enjoy, like after food, with a beer, talking on the phone etc – and not have the negatives.

AND go from $16 / day to $12.99 per week!

So If You Need To Save Money But Don’t Want To Quit Altogether – Or If You Are Sick Of The Ill Effects Of Real Cigarettes….. read on

If you want to try out what I consider the best and want to jump straight in to a full personal vaporizer experience – try out the VaporFi Pro Starter Kit (pictured here) at – or you can try the Express Kit for the pre filled cartridges.

vaporzone ecigarette products

If you are on a budget I suggest heading over to and try the starter kit for only $29.95 (it could cost you over $50 to get an equivalent kit just elsewhere).

Or why not head over to or and try some refill liquid so you can refill your own e cigs – which can be cheaper.

Update for Sept 2014: An old friend on Facebook contacted me as he saw this website – he asked me if it was really any good – ecigarette vaping that is. I told him my experience and he ordered the VaporFi Pro – he contacted me again on FaceBook and said he hasn’t had a real cigarette for 5 weeks and was finding it very easy going – he had been smoking over 40 years – true story.

So, that’s my intro to e cigarettes. Please have a look around the site, check out the review pages here reviews of the best electronic cigarette brands for 2014

Next, as I know it is difficult to get your head round, a brief summary:

Egigs break down into two kind of groupings that you can look at in different ways:

1) the ecigarettes that look like cigarettes vs those that don’t look like cigarettes

2) the ecigarettes that are disposable vs those that are not

3) the ecigarettes that use cartridges (some refillable – some prefilled) vs those that use tanks and eliquids

4) those that have weaker batteries vs those that have powerful batteries

Basically that means

Cartridges vs Personal Vaporisers + Eliquids

Cartridges vs Personal Vaporizers
Cartridges vs Personal Vaporizers – Click Here To Go To